Work Starts on a Hauptwerk Continuo Organ

Following a couple of serious sales enquires and many rental requests, we have started work on a prototype digital continuo organ. The design brief was simple.

  • 30″ keyboard height so it can be played whilst seated on a piano stool
  • Castors to facilitate mobility
  • Capacity for 2 X 8″ powered studio monitors
  • Minimal overall dimensions
  • Support for Fatar TP/60, 62, 63 etc and UHT keyboards – all velocity sensitive
  • Adjustable angle music desk
  • Draw stops with changeable nomenclature

There are many excellent sample sets available, notably the Prib and Claviorganum from Sonus Paradisi. Changing pitch, temperament and samples is simple using Hauptwerk.

We are also working on some simple draw stops that will sit each side of the music desk. Obviously, they won’t be motorised and purists may chose not to fit thumb pistons.

Please note, the desk in the pictures is our standard non-adjustable desk. For pictures of the adjustable desk, see an earlier posting.

2 M-Audio BX-8 D2 studio monitors have been temporarily fitted, there is plenty of room for a laptop, Mac Mini or Intel NUC etc.

Access doors will be fitted to the kneeboard and oak-faced MDF lattice panels will be fitted front and back. However, any tracery design can be cut on our CNC router. The prototype has Birch ply top, bottom and sides, customer instruments will be made of oak.


The instrument in the pictures is fitted with a 61 note compass Fatar TP/60LF keyboard. Customers will also have the choice of fitting a 54 note, velocity sensitive UHT keyboard with exotic wood sharps and naturals.


The keyboard will retract for ease of storage and transport.

A taller design will be offered for organists who prefer to stand whilst playing.

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