St Michael’s Southampton

The wheels of bureaucracy turn very slowly in the CofE!


St Michael’s Church in Southampton has been using Hauptwerk for quite some time and whilst the sound has been acclaimed, the playing experience has not. A Johannus instrument was graciously donated by a parishioner,  however it’s basic MIDI implementation and near end-of-life electronics seriously compromised the playing experience.

We were contacted to provide a new console, which will have 4 manuals with a specification influenced by the console at Hereford Cathedral.

To tide the church over whilst the faculty gets approved, we installed our 2 manual BDO specification rental instrument.  As the church is in the French Quarter of Southampton, I decided to use the Cavaille-Coll St Eucaire sample set.

The church has magnificent acoustics and the instrument sounds excellent. If you are in the vicinity at 10:30 on a Sunday, pop in and listen to Eucharist sung by the fabulous Cantores Michaelis directed by Keith Davis.

Something of note, the instrument is powered by a Mac Mini and incorporates single switch startup and shutdown without and UPS or dirty shutdown. This technology won’t be made generally available, but will be incorporated into our future installations.


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