Below are pictures of the mobile studio organ we built for the BBC, its requirements were the most stringent we have ever worked to. Health a safety aside, the design brief yielded a very interesting design. This organ is in almost daily use.

Portability and weight were the primary design criteria, no single component could weigh more than 80Kg. This meant that the console had to be split in two. The keyboard part was relatively straightforward – an open-back 2 manual tab console on castors. The pedalboard and bench proved to be a greater challenge. ┬áThe solution was to mount the bench in channels attached to the pedalboard allowing it to move fore and aft. The bench is height adjustable via pins.

A Mac Mini was used in conjunction with a Focusrite Clarett 4 pre which was mounted under the key shelf so the headphone jack could be accessed.

A good view of the bench height-adjusting pins.

Done, a very long but ultimately satisfying installation.

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