2 Manual Key Stack


We have just delivered a 2 manual key stack that has turned out particularly nicely. Specification below. The customer already had a MIDI pedal board, expression pedal and Viscount and Content expanders, sadly no Hauptwerk (yet). Total ex works cost was approx. £1880 + VAT.

      • 2 Fatar TP/60 keyboards
      • 6 divisional pistons per manual
      • 10 generals
      • 3 reversibles and combination setter and general cancel
      • Removable oak music desk
      • MIDI in and out supporting MIDI merge
      • 2 continuous controllers for expression pedals
      • USB (can be bus powered if required)
      • Toe piston connectors (up to 28)
      • Renatus serial pedalboard connector



Piston Layout


When designing an organ, one of the variables needing consideration is piston layout. Annoyingly, there is no definitive specification.

Clive Sidney has come to the rescue by providing a suggested British piston layout . Click on the link below.


Bear in mind that  we use a piston spacing of 28.5mm instead of the suggested 32mm which yields a greater piston density, particularly useful when using touchscreens. This gives 29 piston positions across the keyslip, combination setter at position 0, the first divisional at position 12 and general cancel at 29.

Romsey OrganWorks can create any piston layout including user defined nomenclature.