4 Manual Hauptwerk Conversion

The organ below was originally built by Wyvern with Bradford internals. We were approached by the owner to make it Hauptwerk compatible. We investigated retro fitting MIDI to the existing electronics. However this strategy was rejected due to the limitations of the Bradford hardware.  The instrument was completely stripped down and rebuilt at the Renatus factory. The only components retained were, the casework, pedalboard, expression pedals, drawstops and their associated power supplies and pistons. 4 Fatar TP/60s were installed with new key slips, key blocks and Renatus MIDI encoders that also control the stops, expressions, pedalboard and LCD display. The instrument was completely rewired.pg

As the instrument was to be used with the Hereford Cathedral sample set from Lavender Audio, some of the stop heads needed to be re-engraved and the piston layout was also altered.

The console also drives 4 real ranks of pipes. The owner wanted these ranks to supplement the digital Hereford ranks rather than replace them. This required a custom organ definition that included the new stops so their state could be maintained by the Hauptwerk combination action, and MIDI output to be directed to decoders controlling the pallet solenoids.

Hauptwerk and the Hereford sample set was loaded onto an Apple Mac Mini with a quad core i7 processor, 256Gb SSD and 16Gb ram. An Echo Audiofire 12 drove 4 Behringer amps which in turn powered 2 pairs of Def Tech tower speakers and sub and 2 pairs of Jamo speakers.

The organ will be inaugurated at a concert on Saturday 7th September 2013. Details below